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    Men's deodorants are the leaders in popularity among all aromatic products used by the stronger sex. Today, there are various types of men's deodorants on the market, differing in cost, perfume fragrance and antibacterial active ingredients.

    The assortment of the IDN Cosmetics online store includes various categories of cosmetics from trusted brands for people of different ages and genders. They have different prices. You can order professional cosmetics with delivery to Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepr and other localities of Ukraine.

    Types of men's deodorants

    Historically, spray and roll-on deodorants were the first, but over time, options for the structural and chemical fixation of active substances and methods of their application have changed. Therefore, today a wide selection of these products is available to consumers:

    • cream;
    • roller;
    • dry hard sticks.

    Deodorants are designed to eliminate and mask unpleasant odors. They contain aromatic fragrance and antibacterial substances. With their help, the growth of bacteria is suppressed, as a result of which an unpleasant odor appears.

    Effective deodorants for men

    The most commonly used antibacterial components are:

    • triclosan;
    • chlorhexedine;
    • farnesol.

    The first two inhibit the growth of all types of bacteria, therefore, with frequent use of deodorants with these substances, disturbances in the healthy microflora of the skin can be observed, which can lead to increased sensitivity and weakening of the natural immunity of the dermis.

    Farnesol was isolated from the acacia flower and has been used in perfumery for quite some time. Presented in deodorants, farnesol is an acyclic sesquiterpene alcohol with selective antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacteria, which cause the unpleasant odor of sweat. Thus, this substance does not cause changes in the healthy microflora of the skin.

    Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants primarily block sweat from the pores of the skin. Most often, aluminum salts are used for this. Such products should not be used frequently, but the effect of their use lasts a long time.

    How to buy deodorants for men

    When choosing the best deodorant, pay attention to the price, appearance, smell and customer reviews. Each category has its own strengths and weaknesses.

    • The classic deodorant is easy to use, but it ends faster than others and initially gives off a rather powerful smell.
    • Gel or cream based deodorant is often sticky and takes time to dry.
    • Ball models also take a long time to dry and can leave marks on clothing.
    • The solid stick belongs to the category of dry deodorants that do not leave stains on clothes. This is also one of the most economical options.

    You can buy the products you need and order delivery of professional cosmetics from different brands in the IDN Cosmetics online store. If you need delivery to Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepr and other regions of Ukraine, the cost of transportation will be added to the price of the product at the rate of the selected transport company. We also ship goods to Europe.