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    Smooth, healthy and glowing skin is not only genetics, but also proper self-care. It is important to choose high-quality and varied cosmetics. One of the effective remedies is face masks from the German brand Medex. Their quality and effectiveness are confirmed by customer reviews around the world.

    What are Medex face masks

    Face masks from the German brand Medex are unique cosmetics for different skin types. The products are developed in Medex Bio Science Cosmetics' own laboratories in Germany and are thoroughly tested. The masks are based on natural ingredients and the active form of active ingredients. The products are vegan, without PVC and dyes.

    You can buy a line of cosmetics from this and other brands, for example, MALU WILZ, at an affordable price in our IDN Cosmetics store. Choose and order the product, and we will deliver to Kyiv, Odessa, Dnepr, Kharkov, Lviv or other cities of Ukraine.

    Types of Medex masks

    Consider the popular types of face masks from this brand:

    • Regenerating masks. Contains healing herbs, nutrients and antioxidants. The effect of cosmetics is aimed at restoring damaged skin and reducing signs of aging.
    • Nourishing masks. The composition is based on essential oils that nourish the skin, retain moisture and help restore the epidermis.
    • Cleansing masks. Help remove excess fat and other impurities from the skin, well suited for oily epidermis. Masks also normalize sebum production, help prevent acne and make the skin clearer.
    • Soothing masks. They help reduce the effects of harmful environments, as well as inflammation, redness and irritation of any skin, even sensitive ones, and moisturize the epidermis. Contains extracts of ginseng, aloe vera and cypress.
    • Moisturizing masks. Contains ingredients that help moisturize dry skin and prolong its youthfulness, such as hyaluronic acid.

    You can also buy other products from the Medex brand - lifting masks for youthful skin, masks that stimulate blood circulation, and other interesting personal care products at a good price.

    Where you can buy Medex face masks in Ukraine

    You can order face masks from the German brand Medex in our IDN Cosmetics online store. The range also includes a series of cosmetics from different brands, for example, Medicare from Germany. All products are of high quality, and their prices are not overpriced.

    Delivery of goods is carried out to Kyiv, Odessa, Dnepr, Kharkov, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. How much does delivery cost? The price depends on the volume of goods and the carrier - it is usually inexpensive. We also ship orders to European countries.