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  • Reviews about CHRISTINA Christina Chateau De Beaute

    Ирина 03/18/2024

    Christina Chateau Vino Glory Mask


    Маска супер, такая кожа после нее, прямо гладенькая, ровная, очень хороший результат



      Active care from the Chateau de Beaute series from the Israeli brand Christina is not only a pleasant procedure for the skin, but also its intensive rejuvenation and restoration. Products from this series work both in salon care programs and at home, providing radiant skin.

      Maintaining beauty with wine therapy is not a new solution for such procedures. The use of grape extract for active rejuvenation has been known since ancient times, and modern technologies and equipment have only made it possible to calculate the best formulations using this component.

      The assortment of the IDN Cosmetics store includes all products from this line of cosmetics. You can order products from the Chateau de Beaute series at a good price and you can buy it with inexpensive delivery anywhere in the world, including Ukraine. We deliver to Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepr, Lviv and other cities where there are branches of the postal company you have chosen.

      Wine therapy for your skin with Chateau de Beaute from Christina

      Applying compositions containing grape extract to the skin is real wine therapy, which can be done even at home. Such cosmetics can even fight wrinkles, because they contain everything for effective skin restoration:

      • antioxidants
      • fruit acids
      • components for effective moisturizing.

      Restoring the beauty of the skin and even getting rid of wrinkles is a feasible task for the products in this series.

      Active care for rejuvenation - Chateau de Beaute series from Christina

      The line of this cosmetics includes products that actively nourish the skin, provide its rejuvenation and hydration.

      This includes a soft gel formula for cleansing, active serums that act no worse than beauty injections, and effective creams. In addition, the care line includes day, night and protective creams, as well as a mask for intensive skin hydration.

      This assortment allows you to choose the most pleasant and effective care based on your regimen and skin needs. Morning and evening beauty rituals can turn into pleasant procedures.

      The effect of active serums is noticeable a few minutes after application, and regular use of masks and creams will not only consolidate the result, but also get rid of wrinkles - the main skin problem after 25 years. One of the creams in the series contains physical filters to protect against ultraviolet radiation - another factor that provokes the appearance of wrinkles. Regular application of the product before going out in the sun prolongs beauty and youth.

      How to inexpensively buy Israeli cosmetics Chateau de Beaute from Christina?

      The IDN Cosmetics store delivers orders to all countries of the world, including Ukraine. After you have purchased cosmetics, our manager will call you back to clarify the details of the order.

      Delivery to Ukraine takes from two to four weeks and is carried out by UkrPoshta or Nova Poshta to Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Lviv and other cities of the country where there is a branch of the postal company you have chosen.

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