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    Лера 01/12/2024

    Magiray Reti Serum Collection Forte Skin Resurfacing


    Мне очень подошла сыворотка, кожа выровнялась, мелкие морщинки ушли, кажется даже овал подтянулся немного, спасибо



      Serums from the Israeli cosmetics manufacturer Magiray provide comprehensive care:

      • providing the skin with vitamin complexes and microelements;
      • activation of energy processes inside the cell;
      • restoration of the epidermal barrier, which prevents infection;
      • antioxidant effect and hydration;
      • improving trophism and regeneration of the dermis.

      The preparations are suitable for any skin type and are used in the facial area. You can order them and buy other cosmetics from Magiray through IDN Cosmetics at low prices - we organize delivery of original products from the manufacturer’s warehouses in Israel.

      Serums for all skin types at low prices

      The range of Magiray serums is represented by several types of products that provide complex action.

      1. Royal jelly for all skin types. The drug contains royal jelly, azulene, wheat germ oil and other active ingredients. Regular use of the product in the lip area brings a “tattoo” effect - a rich and vibrant look. The cosmetics have a water-free formula with hypoallergenic substances due to the jelly-like state of the drug.
      2. Active collagen gel serum contains collagen, which is obtained from algae, as well as vitamins A and E, green tea extract. These substances help lift, tone and moisturize the skin;
      3. Gel lifting. The main components are active substances of plant origin that increase skin tone. The gel has a pronounced calming and cooling effect, which is used to relieve irritation;
      4. Anti-aging serum stimulates the synthesis of elastin, glycosaminoglycans and collagen, which increases skin firmness and elasticity, and also reduces the signs of age;
      5. Multi-level filler serums are suitable for non-injection lifting procedures - they restore skin turgor and elasticity.

      Anti-aging serums use natural plant ingredients that are hypoallergenic to humans. The composition includes collagen complexes, vitamins, organic acids and minerals, which eliminate the signs of age and also provide the effect of a lifting procedure. Cosmetics have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, as it improves trophism and supporting function.

      How to inexpensively order and buy Magiray serums in Ukraine?

      These and other Magiray cosmetics can be ordered and purchased at a good price from IDN Cosmetics. Delivery is available to Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa and other localities in Ukraine.

      Order cosmetics and pay for them online in any convenient way: payment is available by credit card or by transfer of funds through the Privat24 payment system.

      To learn more about Israeli cosmetics and clarify the price or delivery details of the products you want to buy, contact our consultants - this can be done both on the website and by email or messenger.