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  • Reviews about CHRISTINA Christina Forever Young

    Алена 06/10/2024

    Christina Forever Young Absolute Contour Serum


    Прекрасная сыворотка, результат впечатлил с первых применений. И правда чуть подтянулась дряблость, более ровный рельеф стал, мелкие морщинки уходят сразу же очень хорошо питает кожу. Спасибо, успела на скидочку приличную.



      Active aging cannot be stopped, but the main signs of the process - wrinkles - can be eliminated, thereby improving the condition of the skin.

      Products from the Forever Young cosmetics series from the Israeli brand Christina have an effective effect against wrinkles, preventing their appearance. Active care evens out skin tone, stimulates skin renewal and corrects age-related changes. These preparations can be used both for salon care and at home.

      Forever Young cosmetics have shown their effectiveness in preventing and slowing down the aging process of the skin - the active components contained in the products improve skin condition and reduce wrinkles.

      You can order products from this series and buy them at a low price on the IDN Cosmetics website. We deliver cosmetics to any country, including Ukraine - you can pick up the product you ordered in Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkov, Dnepr, or any other city where there is a post office of the selected delivery service.

      Effective care at home and in the salon in the Forever Young series from Christina

      The basis of the products are peptides - active components that correct metabolic processes in the epidermis and also stimulate collagen synthesis. It is collagen that serves as the basis for skin elasticity, but with age its production decreases - therefore, the use of products with such components is necessary to achieve better results.

      Creams and other products in the series solve many problems for men and women over 30:

      • even out skin tone, eliminating hyperpigmentation
      • even out the relief due to collagen synthesis
      • restore the lipid barrier of the skin, protecting it
      • correct metabolic processes.

      This series of cosmetics for aging skin contains products for different stages of care: creams, tonics, cleansers. All formulas with active ingredients are available in different formats depending on skin type: foams, gels, milks. To choose a treatment for your mature skin type, you need to first focus on age and active ingredients in the composition.

      UV protection plays an important role in preventing early aging. Protection from UVB rays alone is not enough, so Christina uses good physical filters that also protect from UVA radiation “responsible” for photoaging. Such creams have proven effectiveness, however, in order to improve their results, it is recommended to repeat their use every one and a half to two hours spent in active sun.

      Where can I buy Israeli cosmetics Forever Young from Christina inexpensively?

      We deliver cosmetics from Israeli brands all over the world, including Ukraine. The IDN Cosmetics store guarantees the quality and authenticity of premium products. After you have purchased a product on the site, its delivery from Israel is arranged, which can take from two to five weeks.

      After you place an order on the website, the store manager will contact you to clarify the details of your order.

      In Ukraine, the products you order are delivered to Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepr, Lviv and other cities by Nova Poshta or UkrPoshta. Each order can be tracked until it arrives at your post office.

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