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  • Reviews about HOLY LAND

    Антонина 06/10/2024

    Holy Land Age Control Super Lift

    Чудненько очень

    Средство очень понравилось, пилинг прекрасный, кожа бархатная потом, ну и подтягивает хорошо очень. Мне кажется, что даже морщинки глубокие стали меньше!

      Лера 03/18/2024

      Holy Land Age Control Rebuilding Gel


      Очень приятный гель, реально делает подтяжку, быстро устраняет раздражение и очень хорошо питает, я довольна

        Света 02/27/2024

        Holy Land Youthful Soothing Mask


        У меня очень жирная кожа, маска спасает, и жирного блеска нет, кожа стала более гладкой и высыпаний меньше

          Ирина 01/30/2024

          CC Cream Age Defense SPF50


          Хорошее тонирование, матовый оттенок и веснушки не загорают!


            Holi Land - cosmetics from professionals. Its manufacturer has been known in Israel for 30 years. These are cosmetics based on plant extracts, no chemicals! When creating the Holy Land Cosmetics series, the company’s fundamental postulate is used: quality + efficiency + safety.
            hl cosmetics

            HL FEATURES

            Holi Land is a professional line of cosmetics that includes more than 200 products. They are divided into care products for each skin type. Israeli Holyland cosmetics are the result of long-term development based on scientific methods. Manufacturers do not skimp on ingredients; they use only the best natural raw materials. Your skin will thank you for using HL cosmetics.

            Of course, natural plant extracts are very expensive to produce. But their effectiveness and safety have been proven by time and experience. Plant extracts do not irritate and do not cause allergies. All active substances in Holyland cosmetics are contained in a concentrated dose, but a specially developed base makes any drug safe.
            Holy land


            As in any line of cosmetics, the Holi Land catalog offers several types of creams, oils, and serums. For example, Holy Land professional day cream contains only natural filters, both chemical and mechanical. They provide intense protection against UV rays. The cream is an excellent base for high-quality make-up. All the ingredients you find in Holyland cosmetics are only of plant origin. The company does not use animal ingredients.

            WHERE TO BUY HL?

            If you need to buy cosmetics from Holy Land in Ukraine, then the most convenient way is to contact the online store. The price here for Holi Land cosmetics products is reasonable, and delivery to the specified location will please the customer. High-quality, hypoallergenic products that will give you quick and long-lasting results - these are Holy Land cosmetics. You can buy it right now on our website.

            Holi Land has the status of an Israeli manufacturer that produces various high-quality cosmetic products. In addition to providing gentle skin care, it is possible to talk about medicinal properties. For those women who carefully monitor their appearance, such cosmetics will be the best option. Cosmetic products are not designed to hide imperfections, but to eliminate them. At the same time, all products undergo numerous scientific studies, which allow us to say whether the product is safe for the human body. With this in mind, Holy Land is in high demand, particularly due to its quality and effectiveness
            Holy land cosmetics

            Key benefits

            The secret to the popularity of the products is considered to be the use of natural herbal ingredients and full control of manufactured cosmetic products. A separate advantage is the careful selection of ingredients. In particular, we are talking about a variety of plants that have medicinal properties, crystal clear water, as well as herbal extracts. The manufacturing process is based on the use of the latest technologies, which makes it possible to create a variety of medicines. All cosmetic products represent a line of progressive products that provide complete care for the face and body.

            Wide range

            Holy Land cosmetics has several separate series, each of which is designed for a specific age category. In particular, we are talking about taking into account the characteristics of young, mature and aging skin.

            1. KUKUI - ideal for those with normal skin that requires additional hydration.
            2. SUNBRELLA - suitable for those who spend a long time in the sun.
            3. BE FIRST - is considered a line for men who want to maintain full care of their appearance;
            4. A-NOX - suitable for women who have sensitive and receptive skin.
            5. AGE CONTROL - designed to noticeably reduce age-related changes in the skin and restore natural radiance

            cosmetics hlHoly Land cosmetics are based on natural, high-quality ingredients that undergo careful laboratory testing. Enhancing the beneficial properties of natural components using high-tech methods.


            Holy Land is not difficult to buy. To do this, just contact the specialized online store of Israeli cosmetics IDN Cosmetics. The best option would be to use the help of specialized consultants who have many years of experience in this field before purchasing. Delivery is carried out to all cities of the CIS in any convenient way of the customer’s choice. The presence of a wide range of products makes the purchasing process several times easier. You can pay for your purchase using several methods. Holi Land should be purchased primarily by those who value quality in cosmetics.
            holy land cosmetics


            Frequently asked questions about HOLY LAND cosmetics

            Holy land cosmetics what country of production?

            Holy Land cosmetics are produced in Israel.

            Is it possible to buy Holy Land cosmetics at a discount?

            Yes, it is possible to purchase Holy Land cosmetics at a discount on our website, there are many interesting offers.

            HL cosmetics, is this Holy Land cosmetics?

            Yes, HL cosmetics means Holy Land cosmetics.