Ceramides in cosmetology. What are ceramides?

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Our skin constantly needs protection from external factors. The epidermis is designed to cope with this function. However, it often happens that due to poor ecology, frequent stress, age-related changes, various diseases and other reasons, the natural protective barrier weakens, the skin becomes hypersensitive and more susceptible to negative influences from the outside. All this is immediately reflected primarily on the face.

To restore the normal functioning of the dermis and maintain its health, modern cosmetology offers solutions in the form of various procedures, as well as the use of special preparations in everyday care. One of the popular options lately is cosmetics with ceramides.

Such products can be found in the catalog of the online store idn-cosmetics.com. These can be moisturizing and nourishing creams for the face and body, skin cleansers, masks (including for hair), restorative serums and essences, and much more. We specialize primarily in Israeli cosmetics, which contain natural ingredients and help effectively combat various skin problems.

You should order medications based on your skin type. It is better to consult with a specialist first to choose the optimal care program.

Ceramides in the skin

You have probably come across the indication of a component such as ceramides in cosmetics. Another name often appears - ceramides. Let us immediately dispel your doubts: ceramides and ceramides are the same thing. This is how the Latin word “Ceramide” can be transcribed in two ways. Therefore, further in this article we will use both options. But before we move on to cosmetic products with ceramides, let’s figure out what they are.

As already mentioned, the epidermis is responsible for protecting our skin, as well as performing a number of other important functions (in particular, maintaining water balance, protein and lipid metabolism, and others). It, in turn, consists of five layers of cells. Each of them contains keratinocytes in one form or another. They make up about ninety percent of all epidermal cells and perform mainly a structural function, that is, they form that very protective barrier.

Since we are interested in ceramides, it is worth paying attention to the very top layer of the epidermis - the stratum corneum. In it, keratinocytes are represented by horny scales - corneocytes. These are already dead cells with a high protein content that are constantly exfoliated, due to which the skin is renewed, getting rid of impurities, germs and pathogenic bacteria.

Interesting fact: every day from six to fourteen grams of horny scales are naturally removed from the surface of the skin.

The scales themselves are connected to each other by an intercellular lipid substance. It consists half of ceramides, half of cholesterol and fatty acids. The special, gel-like structure of ceramides determines their hydrophobic properties. Lipids also play one of the most important roles in creating a protective epidermal barrier, which, in turn, performs a number of functions:

  • helps maintain optimal skin pH levels;
  • helps retain moisture in the epidermis;
  • prevents the penetration of pathogens and contaminants into the dermis, as well as into the body itself;
  • reduces the negative effect of various types of influences (physical and chemical).

Damage to the lipid barrier leads to loss of moisture and dryness of the skin, increased sensitivity, various irritations and allergic reactions, as well as dermatological diseases.

The reasons why the protective layer of the epidermis may be destroyed due to lipid deficiency are:

  • natural age-related changes;
  • intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • violation of the acid-base balance on the surface of the skin;
  • excessive use of exfoliants and poor skin care in general;
  • unbalanced nutrition and violation of its regime;
  • a number of diseases associated with dysfunction of the endocrine, reproductive or digestive systems;
  • Taking certain medications, including those that lower cholesterol

You can determine that your lipid-epidermal barrier is compromised by the following symptoms:

  • a feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin or, conversely, excessive oiliness;
  • itching and peeling;
  • pigmentation;
  • acne;
  • inflammation and irritation;
  • dull complexion;
  • viral, bacterial or fungal infections.

Thus, by identifying external signs and establishing the cause of the problem, you can create an individual program for skin care and restoration. In this case, it is recommended to use cosmetics with ceramides.

Ceramides in cosmetics

If there is a lack of ceramides in the outer layer of the epidermis, several methods can be used to solve the problem:

  • stimulate the natural production of lipids in the skin - ascorbic and ursolic acids (found in fruit peels, many herbs and spices), niacin (vitamin B3) help with this;
  • completing a course of cosmetology procedures and using professional cosmetics for daily care.

Ceramides contained in cosmetics are obtained in two ways:

  • Synthetically - such ceramides are synthesized in laboratories. Cosmeceutical products based on them can solve a wide range of skin problems.
  • Extracted from plant extracts - the most common sources are rice oil and wheat. With the natural method, the molecules also have the beneficial properties of the plants from which they were obtained. Helps retain moisture to the skin.

Scientists have found that ceramides are most effective in preparations that maintain a balance of fatty acids and cholesterol. That is, products that are most similar in composition to the lipid composition of our epidermis will work best.

Israeli cosmetics with ceramides

Israeli cosmetics, which can be ordered in the IDN Cosmetics online store, mainly use natural ceramides, obtained from extracts of various plants. Ceramides in products can be accompanied by vitamins and minerals, glycerin, plant extracts and essential oils, hyaluronic and linoleic acids, etc. In parallel, you can use products with retinol and peptides.

In cosmetology, cosmetics with ceramides are often used together with preparations in which AHA and BHA hydroxy acids are the active components. Exfoliants remove dead cells from the skin surface and promote better penetration of ceramides into the dermis. Such comprehensive care solves two problems at once: cleansing the skin and strengthening the lipid-epidermal barrier.

The results of using cosmetics with ceramides are:

  • softening the skin and improving its appearance;
  • increased turgor;
  • regeneration of the barrier layer;
  • moisture retention in the epidermis;
  • prevention of aging;
  • prevention of acne and other skin diseases.

Cosmeceutical products with ceramides are also produced to combat psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, which are characterized by lipid deficiency.

You can choose cosmetics with ceramides for any type of facial skin. These could be:

  • moisturizing and nourishing creams;
  • lotions;
  • toners;
  • peelings;
  • masks;
  • serums;
  • concentrates;
  • essences;
  • products with SPF protection.

Israeli manufacturers also offer restorative products for damaged hair and body care. To restore the protective skin barrier, it is necessary not only to choose the right regular care program, but also to undergo a course of cosmetic procedures, improve nutrition and adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

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